Best SEO Reseller Services

Ninja Creative Marketing is dedicated to provide the best online marketing solution. Along with serving individual clients we also work with other agencies in need of assistance.

What is SEO Reseller Program?

SEO Reseller can be defined as hiring a third party SEO agency (like Ninja Creative Marketing) to do online marketing for your clients’ business. Different companies resell SEO for different reasons.

Do you have an SEO Agency? Are you having trouble with handling bulk load of work? Are you in stuck to make any progress on a specific client? And are you looking for a proper assistance to help with your business? Do you have a website developing service which do not provide SEO service?

If your answer is “yes” for any of the above questions then you have come to the right place. We have a specialist team for all aspects of digital marketing. Our team is ready to take any kind of challenge to boost your client’s business.

Why You Should Use Our SEO Reseller Service?

You can take advantage of our SEO Reseller Service to boost your clients’ business. Here are the advantages of our SEO Reseller Program:

  • Keeping The Client: When you don’t offer SEO service your client may look for a company which provides all the services. So, why loose a client when you can take advantage of our tried and tasted method of digital marketing.


  • Making Extra Money: Whether we bill your client directly or via your company, you will earn some extra money. Thus you can cover more bases and make profit along the way.


  • We Ensure Result: Firstly, we will make an audit of your clients’ website. We work every step of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO with great precision. We create not only search engine friendly but also user friendly contents for proper outreach and nice customer response. Overall, we ensure results with our hard work and long term experience.


  • New Approach: If you are stuck with a website and have tried everything but not getting any progress, we are here for you. A new set of eyes can help create a new approach to the marketing strategy. Thus, you and your client both can be happy.


  • Happy Client: When it comes to online marketing, we provide results. Through a proper strategy, we provide ranks for your clients’ website. Thus, when your clients get all the developmental and marketing works done at one place with good output, their job becomes easier. And there is no alternative to happy clients for growing a business.


Our SEO Reseller Packages

We offer two types of SEO Reseller Service. You can choose whichever suits you.

  • As a Third Party: If you don’t want your client to know that you are outsourcing SEO work, that’s fine with us. We can work behind the scene and provide the same result. For this, you will have to provide all the necessary information’s and we will bill our service to your company.


  • Direct Billing: In case you don’t want to a part of the SEO Campaign, you can introduce your client to us. We will bill directly to the client. And You will receive a percentage of the payment at every installment.


We take our re-seller program clients as seriously as our own. If you have any inquires, you can contact us now. You don’t need to build a long term relation straightway. Get a proof our talent and the ability to deliver. Then you can take the long term relation into consideration.