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PPC Management

Paid advertisements play an important role to accelerate the growth of your business. There are different websites and social media which serve different types of ad campaign. Our team professionals are expert in generating suitable ad campaign ideas to get a proper outreach at a reasonable cost. Ninja Creative Marketing offers the following paid ads management services:

Google AdWords: Making sure your website reach desired customers by setting up a suitable Google AdWords or AdWords Express PPC plan in order to get higher traffic for your website.

Remarketing: Setting up ads plan for people who have previously visited your site.

Display Advertisement: Creating catchy promotional ads and setting them up on third party websites or social media.

Bing Ads: Bing is also a source of a lot of potential customers. We handle PPC plan on Bing.

Social Media Ads: Setting up PPC or PPI ads as necessary on social media.

Google Shopping: For E-Commerce sites, we handle product marketing and Google Shopping ads.

Our Approach

Ninja Creative Marketing specialize in creative advertising management. We do not suggest any business to start an ad campaign straightway. After fixing the SEO strategy, we prepare an ad plan for your business based upon competition. We manage ad campaign in such a way that gives you the best outreach at a cost effective rate. Besides, if you want any specific ad campaign to run we can handle them to make the most of your money.

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